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Journey through Time
Once, a multiversal tryst:
Astral lights and waters kissed,
Sparking life into being.
Ancient birds swam in trees,
Rivers sang wide and deep:
Fledgling life steeped in sleep.
Then dreams ensued,
Like whispers from lovers’ voices hewed,
And cresting civilizations spread across nations,
Laid down through the ages like so many pages.
We shake off our slumber and awake to the stage,
We dance, we sing to that music,
Yet so quickly become estranged,
Leaving this moment for the next more amusing…
Though such a small part of the master galore,
Space oceans to cross and things to adore,
Our curious minds still dare to explore!
Let’s stop time and the sounds of the bell,
Stand, like the trees, forest-still, wishing well,
While the beauty and colors cast their magic spell,
Spin once again the Daydream Carousel.