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"Borrowed Treasurers" - Daydream Carousel


"Borrowed Treasurers"

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I don't really have any sort of deep meaning behind making my art. I make art because I want to and because it's fun. I also like being an illustrator because there's no right way to be one. There are countless styles and subject matters that illustrators tackle and no two are exactly alike, and that variety between people is also an inspiration to me. Another reason I like illustrating in particular is because I can create anything I want to. When I was younger, I originally wanted to be a photographer, but then as time passed by I thought, where's the fun in taking photos of things that already exist? Why not create things that don't exist? That is my main reason for being an illustrator, and particularly why I enjoy drawing fantasy, science fiction, and horror subject matter so much. With my skills I can make whole worlds, characters, and scenes to breathe life into. I can tell an entire story from just one picture, or several if the need arises. Sure there are some times where my art does have a statement, but what I create focuses more on telling a story or provoking a feeling or sense of wonder if anything. If I had to give my art a statement, it would be that I make art because it's enjoyable, and with illustration, I can create anything.

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